Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all of us
at Purrchance To Dream

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Thanks to everyone who commented on our post about Chloe the other day.
We greatly appreciate your comments.
Several people remarked on the frame/graphic in the post, and we neglected to say that we'd gotten that from Loonapix, a free photograph graphic site online.
Here's another example:

Again, thanks to everyone who left a comment about remembering our Chloe, it meant a great deal to us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remembering Chloe

A year ago, our lovely calico lady Chloe went unexpectedly to the Rainbow Bridge.  She is still greatly missed every day, especially by her litter mate Daphne.  Life goes on here at Purrchance To Dream, but the reality is that we will always have a calico hole in our hearts, and simply miss our Chloe.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Lily Reminder

Easter is next Sunday, and stores are filling up with Easter Lilies, usually near the checkout lanes for an "impulse" buy.
If you have cats in your home, just say NO to Easter Lilies.

Each year, hundreds of cats in the USA get very ill (and some even die!) from ingesting parts of this lily. This specific species of lily is very toxic to felines. Many members of the lily family (like onions!) are not safe for cats, but Easter Lilies are particularly toxic. Note: all parts of the Easter Lily (leaves, petals, pollen, and bulbs) are toxic to cats.  Even a few grains of pollen from an Easter Lily on a cat's fur, licked off when grooming, can cause kidney failure!

A safer option, if you want a floral purchase at this time of year, is an Easter Cactus. Plus, epiphytic cactus can easily be cared for as a house plant, and it will reward you with repeat blooms. 99% of Easter Lilies are thrown in the trash.
 Many houseplants are toxic to domestic animals, but the epiphytic cactus family is considered a low toxicity plant -- still, to be safe, provide cat greens this year instead!
Be safe,
Not The Mama

Monday, April 07, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Our Daddies

Happy Anniversary to our Daddies.  They can't be together today, but it is their fifth anniversary together in their hearts, and our iDaddy will be home from the UK two weeks from today!  We cannot wait!

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Another flashback to
Sonora Pepper and Chili Pepper
as babies
with their sister Tamale 
in the background.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Pepper Flashback

Another flashback to about a year ago - babies Sonora Pepper (Sonny P) and Chili Pepper (Silly P) sleeping with their Daddy.
You can see my thumb on the left, so see how tiny Sonny P was at the time.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flashback Weekend

It was just about a year ago when three amazing little kittens came into our lives. In the picture above, you can see Sonora, Tamale, and Chili - the Peppers!
Tamale eventually was adopted into a Forever Home and Sonora & Chili became part of our family.  Hard to believe it's been almost a year since they came here.  When Sonora and Chili have their Gotcha Days we will definitely celebrate, but for now just wanted to share some of the first pictures we have of them.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Over the years, our beloved Pete was the one gracing our St. Patrick's Day post.  So we thought it only fitting that our sweet PJ follow in his footsteps and get all gussied up for a bit o' the luck o' the Irish.
And Little Isis, below, also thought she'd get into the act, chasing leprechauns.

May your day be full of treats not blarney,
and remember the pot 'o gold is in your heart,
not your wallet.
~ The Purries
of Purrchance To Dream

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Rainbow Friends & Spooker

February's Our Rainbow Friends has been published.  It is a compendium website for beloved pets who have passed away, and February's edition has just been posted.  Our own Spooker is listed there, and we are thankful for the people behind the scenes there who included our dear Spooker.
Today, I go to pick up her ashes.  I was dreading this, but when I saw her picture this morning at Our Rainbow Friends, it was like a sign with her telling me that it's ok, that I can do this.
Thanks to everyone for their love and support.  Life does go on, we just have a few more tears once in a while remembering those who have gone on before us.
~ Mo

Friday, March 07, 2014

Happy Birthday Daphne

Happy Birthday To Daphne
Somehow, inexplicably, my lovely green-eyed tabby is now the senior lady of Purrchance To Dream.  Her litter-mate Chloe passed away last April, so this is the first birthday that Daphne has ever gone solo, and now with Spooker's recent passing, this puts Daphne as the matriarch of our clan.  I don't think this is a role either her or I ever imagined her in, but she is handling it with her typical stoicism and grace.  I know she still misses her sister Chloe, but in the past year, Bella has stepped forward more and more into that role.  Sometimes her shadowing Daphne enters into stalkerville, even, and Daphne gets a bit frustrated by Bella's clingingness.  I mean, can't a tabby lady go to the loo by herself? is the look Daphne, emerging from the litterbox, will often give a patiently waiting Daphne.  And I do not believe Daphne has eaten kibble alone in the past year either, Bella is consistently at her side when she eats.  It's a good relationship, however, and it does make me smile to know Daphne's not alone.
All of us at Purrchance To Dream wish our lovely Daphne a very Happy Birthday!  May there be many more, we love you!
~ Not The Mama & iDaddy

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Thank You

Thank you everyone for the comments and messages about Spooker.  We appreciate the outpouring of prayers and purrs for her, and the messages of condolence.
We will always remember her so fondly and with love.
Thank you,
Morgen & Eyad
and The Purries of Purrchance To Dream

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rest In Peace, Spooker

It is with sad hearts that Eyad and I share the news of our beloved Spooker's passing this evening.  I was able to be with her, holding her, as she passed. I had her since she was a tiny kitten who fit into the palm of my hand, and she would have been 20 this Mother's Day.  She had a good long life, and we're thankful she went on her own terms, peacefully at home, being told she was loved.
We will always miss you, Spooker.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Remembering Peter

It was a year ago today.  One of the worst days in my entire life.  The day that our sweet Peter Peter went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I still don't understand what went wrong, still don't understand the sudden mystery of saddle thrombosis that can take out a healthy adult cat.  To make matters worse, my beloved Chloe passed in a similar matter two short months later.
I never really recovered from the loss of these two from my lives.  I'm sure anyone could make a valid point that I tried to fill the void of these two loved family members by adopting five kittens in the same number of months in the latter half of 2013.  I love the new members of our family, but no one can replace the memory of Stinky Pete, my little boy so full of personality, my big mancat so full of purrs who had the knack of making me laugh for no reason.
This blog certainly has suffered since Pete and Chloe's passing.  I should have filled it with posts of kitten antics and tons of pictures of the new Purries growing up.  But sometimes the pain of the memories is just too much.
I try to think back of the good times, the purrs and the laughs - of that last afternoon before he suddenly fell ill - of how he was perching up on the grill basking in the sun, enjoying the afternoon.  I think the lesson is there for me - to enjoy what you can every day, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.
I love my memories of Peter, and will miss him always, but I need to focus on the present and the love and purrs my family bring to me every day.
Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and treasure every moment.
~ Mo

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tabby Toes Tuesday

It's Tabby Toes Tuesday at the Tabby Cat Blog.
Make sure to stop over there today for lots of cute toesies!
Here's our own Chili and her Tabby Toes!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

It was a year ago today that Spooker had her first 'episode' when I thought it was her last day with us.  She'd stopped eating, became cold and listless, and I thought it was the end.  That first episode, I force fed her and gave her fluids, and she bounced back.  A bit weaker, but she was still with us.
There have been at four more episodes this year, each time she's bounced back, a bit weaker each time, but still with us.  She stays mainly on the bed on her pillow, but gets up and down on her own via pet stairs.
We have agreed we're no longer force-feeding her, just watching and observing and offering her food.  She still uses the litter box and her pee pads, and now she's on an uptick, demanding Temptations every time I go into the bedroom.
Every day with her has been a gift, and I  never would have imagined, a year ago today, that she'd still be with us to welcome in 2014.
A year ago, Peter and Chloe were still with us, and I could not imagine having Sonora and Chili Pepper and Angelo and PJ and Diego in my life.  Funny how grief can open your heart to new love.
They have reminded me that we need to treasure every day we have with each other, and I treasure each day I have with each of The Purries and our fosters.
We wish each of you a Happy New Year, and hope that you treasure every day of 2014 ~ even when life is rough and the day is rotten, there are still blessings to treasure.
Love & PURRS,
Mo and The Purries

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
from all of us at
Purrchance To Dream

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Catmas Eve

No one should be alone on Christmas Eve, and the Hotties of Hot(M)BC have been hosting their annual gathering online for several years now.  They have mainly gone to having a Twitter party, but there are many of us who are more comfortable in a group chat room.  So there will still be a Chatzy room this year!  Along with being fun, this is also a fund raiser for Black Cat Rescue.
Our own Little Isis will be hosting the Catmas Eve party's Chatzy Room from 6pm EST to midnight tonight.
Here is the link to the Chatzy room:

Hope you can stop by between 6pm EST and midnight to say HELLO and Merry Christmas!
More details on The Catmas Eve website.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday iDaddy

Wishing our iDaddy 
a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays from Little Isis

Our own Little Isis is being featured on 
Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this great image.
We wish you all a very happy holiday season!

Monday, November 25, 2013

On Her Tenth Life

Recently, I thought Spooker was quietly passing over to the Rainbow Bridge.  She'd stopped eating and was so weak she could no longer climb the stairs to get onto the bed.  I set up a blanket for her under the bed, with her own food and water, and shut the bedroom door so no one could bother her.
I said my good-byes to her, and let her know that if it was her time, I just wanted her to go peacefully.
After several days of just sleeping, she started getting back up to drink water and use her pee pads.
Now, I want to share with you that Spooker has had yet another miracle bounce-back. Her fourth since last New Year's Eve.  She's lost a great deal of weight since this picture above was taken, but I want to have memories like this of when she was healthier.  She doesn't seem to be suffering or in pain.

I believe she's on her tenth life now. Every time she bounces back, she's a bit weaker, but I never expected her to do any recovery this time. The past two nights, she's been back up on the bed with me, purring and demanding Temptations whenever I get up to go to the loo.  Every minute with her is a gift, and I am thankful that she seems to be making the most of her Tenth Life.